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Wonder Eyes photo program was done in Doomadgee, an Aboriginal community in the northern part of Australia, in 2001, collaborated with Doomadgee State School, participated 100 children. This community of approximately 2000 aboriginals, suffers from many social problems such as alcoholism and unemployment, often putting children in a difficult situation. However, there is a sign of hope. An outstation movement was underway, initiated by some Aboriginal leaders with vision. People were trying to move back to their ancestral land in order to establish a better environment for children, where they can respect and practice the traditional culture and living. The photo workshop was done in association with this movement.

Their photos were shown at the exhibition in Japan:

Exhibition in Japan 2002
"the Eyes of Children - from Aboriginal Land"
Sep.28-Dec.1, 2002
- International Library for Children's Literature, Tokyo/Japan.
Presented about 220 photographs taken by Aboriginal children of Doomadgee, 60 photographs by Hikaru Nagatake, Litographs of Paintings by Aboriginal children of Lockhart State School, Australian Picture books, etc.
Organized by: International Library for Children's Literature, Wonder Eyes Project

Exhibition at the International Libary for Children's Literature, in Tokyo, 2002

some of the other exhibitions:
* Oct.11-21, 2002 "the eyes of children around the world" - Yajima Gallery/Ginza/Tokyo/Japan. Organized by Wonder Eyes Project, supported by Konica Corporation, Ginza Festival Committee.
* Mar.13-21, 2003 "Meet the Spirits" - Konica Plaza/Shinjuku/Tokyo/Japan. Organized by Konica Plaza + Wonder Eyes Project

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