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2015 photo exhibition & workshop in Rio

Photo Exhibition “Conexões de Olhares (Connection of eyes)
March 3 - May 3, 2015
at the Garden of Republic Museum - Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

The big photo exhibition “Conexões de Olhares(Connections of Eyes)” was held in Rio in 2015 for about 2 months, at the Garden of Republic Museum, at the At the year of celebration of 450th anniversary of Rio City (organized by FIRJAN, with the collaboration of Wonder Eyes project, curation of Hikaru Nagatake). This is the result of the Photo workshop of WONDER EYES PROJECT in 2013, collaborated with SESI-Citizenship of FIRJAN, which total of 187 children of 12 communities participated and took photos freely.

Selected 52 large photos shown in cube with over 2 meter in size, in the beautiful garden of historic and noble place of the Republic Museum at the center of Rio City. Also shown selected photos by all the children in smaller sizes. There are lots of visitors as it is so lovely garden, free and open everyday. 

"Look ! It’s mine”.
Little photographers were overjoyed to see their photos at the exhibition.
“Wow ! He is there on the photo”.
The parents of the children are also very happy and proud .
The person who was photographed also came and made a pose in front of the photos in the same way.

The exhibition turned out to be very successful, covered widely by lots of media such as Globo TV and journal, and the little photographers were overjoyed to see their photos presented at such a public place.

—> please have a look at mini video Movie.pngPhoto Exhibition in RIO

"Look ! It’s mine”

“Wow ! He is there on the photo”

“my community looks nice”

Rio was once the Capital of the Country before 1960 when it was transferred to Brazilia. Former Presidential Palace is in the current Republic Museum. This Gardens is open to the public daily, admission free. It is noble and lovely garden where lots of people visit.

Some photos were associated with wonderful poem by the poet as collaboration and combination

… 450 years of sun, blue and mountains,
  the nature mirrors in the concrete …

People were moved by the photos with the echoes of the words

The exhibition was covered widely by the media like TV, radio, papers and sites

Photo workshop in Rio 2015 March

With the collaboration of SESI-Citizenship of FIRJAN, photo workshops of Wonder Eyes Project were done in Rio de Janeiro in March 2015 (equipment supported by Canon do Brasil and Canon Inc.)

*March 9, 2015 @ Prazeres, one of the communities (slum area) of Rio:

A library for children was newly open by SESI-Citizenship of FIRJAN in 2014 at this community and the photo workshop was done there. About 20 children participated and were very happy to take photos freely by digital camera. They captured the images and printed into postcards — smile of friends, stress graffiti, panorama of the city….

*March 10, 2015 @SESI-School, Jacarepagua  

One of the areas of 2016 Rio Olympics Games is Jacarepagua.  Photo workshop of Wonder Eyes Project was done at SESI school-Jacarepagua, and the school children of 4th grade participated and took photos freely. Mango trees and tropical flowers, friends and self portraits … Now accustomed to take photos by the smartphone, they enjoyed photographing, handling the excellent digital camera. Then also did photos exchanges with the Japanese children. They received the photo cards from the Japanese school children of Koyo Elementary School of Tokyo. For exchange, they made their photo cards to these Japanese children (details below).

Photo exchange by the school children of Brazil and Japan - 2015 March 

March 2015, through the photo workshop of Wonder Eyes Project, the photo exchange was done between the school children of Tokyo and Rio. The Japanese children of 3rd grade of Koyo Elementary School made the photo cards, which were handed to the Brazilian children of 4th grade of SESI school. They were happy to receive them. The Brazilian children for exchange made the photo cards, which were handed to the Japanese children (with the translation in Japanese. The Japanese children will become 4th grade in April).

Photo card from children of RIO. Tropical flowers, birds and self portraits with the message like "I love anime”, "I like flowers”…  They are lovely !

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