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wonder eyes project 2014-2015 in Japan

Wonder Eyes Project 2014-2015 in Japan

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Wonder Eyes Project 2014 in Japan

*Talk event about Brazil in Tokyo @The Japan Forum (TFJ) 2014.6

*Photo workshop @Zoorasia 2014.8

*Photo workshop @Elementary School, Tokyo 2014.9 

*Participation Photo workshop @ Osaka 2014.11 

About the Exhibition&events below about Brazil+Rio 2014 in JAPAN, please click to jump to the page 2014 exhib.Brazil+Rio in Japan

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2014 exhibition&events about Brazil+Rio in Japan 2014


- WONDER EYES BRAZIL Photo Exhibition @ Shiodome Media Tower 2014.4-7

- WONDER RIO -BRAZILPhoto Exhibition @ Konica Minolta Plaza 2014.5

- Gallery Talk@ Konica Minolta Plaza 2014.5

- WONDER EYES BRAZIL~History Photo Exhibition @ Shiodome Media Tower

- Talk Event with school children @ Shiodome Media Tower

- Talk event with the guest from Rio at Sophia Univ., Tokyo 2014.5

- NHK Radio Japan interview and on air 2014.6

- Participated at the exposition @Okayama CLC 2014.10

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Casual talk event about Brazil@The Japan Forum(TJF) 

June 28, 2014 at The Japan Forum(TJF)

Organized by The Japan Forum (TFJ); 
collaborated byWonder Eyes Project; 
guest speaker : Hikaru Nagatake

Visual talk show about Brazil.
Presented the photos of Hikaru & Wonder Eyes Project also.
@The Japan Forum(TJF) Otowa YK Bldg. 3F 1-17-14 Otowa, Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo


Photo workshop at ZOORASIA
July 31 & Aug.1, 2014
ZOORASIA Yokohama Zoological Gardens (Yokohama City)

"Photo Discovery" summer photo workshops with the children at ZOORASIA Garden, organized by Zoorasia, collaborated Wonder Eyes Project, supported by Canon Inc. Using digital SLR camera, children of aged elementary school visited the Asian tropical forest area. The staff and keepers explained and showed breeding and communicating with the animals, and there were special moments of photo shooting. The children took photos of Indian elephant, gibbon, Malayan tapir, Sumatran tiger, and Borneo orangutan, etc. Also they learned a little bit of the animals and the environment.

Photo workshop @ Koyo Elementary School - Tokyo  

Photo workshop was done with Koyo Elementary 3rd grade school children, who visited 2 photo exhibition of WONDER EYES PROJECT in May at Gallery Walk and Photo Oasis at Shiodome Media Tower. The field where they took photos was Odaiba Kaihin Park, just in front of their school. It is a man-made seaside park at Tokyo's waterfront. In this middle of the city, they found of lots of creatures like crab, hermit crab, lizard, and took photos.
*cameras and equipment supported by Canon Inc.

Also did photo exchange with the kids in Rio later (they made a photo card for the children of Rio, and they received the photo card from Rio in 2015)

Participation Photo workshop @ Osaka
Nov.24, 2014

In late autumn, Hikaru of Wonder Eyes Project participated in the workshop in Osaka as instructor. The workshop was organized by the joint committee of the Girl Scouts, the Boy Scouts, audio-visual educational association, PTA Council and Ikuno Association of Osaka Community Council. The field of photo shooting was one of the park of the town, which seemed not full of nature in the middle of the city. But the children found the colorful leave and little flower, and took photos communing with the nature of the season.


*On the educational magazine - project Mozambique - Feb 2015
*Photo exchange - March 2015
*photo exhibition in Kyoto - May-June 2015
*photo workshop @ Saitama - July 2015
*photo workshop @ Zoorasia - Aug 2015
*Exhibition & participating photo event @Saitama City - Aug 2015
*Exhibition @Festa do Brasil - Sep 2015

project Mozambique 2014 on the educational magazine


Wonder Eyes Project - Mozambique 2014 was presented on the educational magazine for the children.

Photo exchange Tokyo x Rio - March 2015

The school children of Koyo Elementary School, Minato-ku, Tokyo, received the Photo cards from the school children of Rio, SESI-School, Jacarepagua as exchange. In March 2015, the photo workshop of Wonder Eyes Project was done in Rio with the Brazilian children of 4th grade of SESI-school Jacarepagua. They were happy to receive the photo cards made by 3rd grade of Koyo Elementary school children. The Brazilian children for exchange made the photo cards, which were handed to the Japanese children (with the translation in Japanese). The Japanese children will become 4th grade in April).

*Photo card from children of RIO — Tropical flowers, birds and self portraits with the message like “I love anime”, “I like flowers”.
*about the exchange workshop in Rio, please have a loot at the page of Project - Brazil 2015

Photo Exhibition @ Kyoto University of Foreign Studies (KUFS)
May 16 (Sat) - June 14 (Sun), 2015
@University Gallery - BLDG.9, 6F - Kyoto University of Foreign Studies (KUFS) - 6 Kasama-cho, Saiin, Ukyo-ku, Kyoto, JAPAN
 *Open every day (during the session ) *Free

Presented photos taken by the children of 12 slum areas of Rio de Janeiro and photos by Hikaru Nagatake, Photographer

Organized by: Wonder Eyes Project/Kyoto Institute of Latin-American Studies/Museum of International Cultures of KUFS
Supported by: Embassy of Brazil in Japan/FIRJAN (Brazil)/Canon Inc./Department of Brazilian and Portuguese Studies of KUFS/International Research Institute for Studies in Language and Peace/Museum Curator Course of KUFS
*Contact : Museum of International Cultures Tel: 075-864-8741

* talk event
Museum of International Cultures, The 7th Public Lectureship
May 16 - 13:30-15:00 @KUFS Bldg.1, 7F Room171
WONDER RIO : A perspective of activity in the slums by Hikaru Nagatake, photographer/Wonder Eyes Project representative

The visitors including the students came and see the exhibition and there were various comments and words :

- Those photos taken by the children (of 12 communities of Rio de Janeiro) were amazing !

- Full of energy and spirits!

- I am so impressed by their pure eyes

- How talented children to take such kinds of impressive photos !

- Thank you for your visit, collaboration and support !

Photo workshop @ Saitama    July 12, 2015

On a Sunday, July 12, in the hot summer sun, did photo workshop with the children in Saitama City, organized by Saitama City Citizens Activities Support Center. The Center is located just near the station Urawa, on a upper floor of the building. Participated 30 children. After the orientation by Hikaru, photographer, they took photos freely, from the urban view to tiny insects and flower in the roof garden. Also, enjoyed group photos of the new friends collaborating with each other, joining the stuffed mascot of the city. “ I had fun ! “ said the children after the free shooting. They made a photo print and finished the art work with the title and decorated flame.
*Supported by Canon Inc.

Parent child workshop - photo discovery @ Zoorasia
Aug.26 & 27, 2015
ZOORASIA Yokohama Zoological Gardens (Yokohama City)
Organized by Zoorasia Yokohama Zoological Gardens and Wonder Eyes Project
Supported by Canon Inc.

Photo workshop in summer - Parent child workshop was done at Zoorasia Yokohama Zoological Gardens, in summer 2015. After the orientation, parent child pair visited the Asian tropical forest area and took photo, using digital SLR camera. The staffs explained and showed breeding and communicating with the animals, there were special moment of photo shooting. Indian Elephant, Malayan tapir, Sumatran tiger, and Borneo orangutan, etc. Changing zoom lens, they captured the zoom-up face of the elephants and caught the eyes of Sumatran tiger. When shooting, some enjoyed communicating with Borneo orangutan. The children and their parents took photos at the same place, but they show different creativity. When presenting each photos, they themselves were impressed by the photos of each other.

Exhibition & Event @ Saitama 2015 Summer

@Saitama City Citizens Activities Support Center(Comunale 9F, Urawa, Saitama)
Aug.30, 2015
After the workshop in July at Saitama City Citizens Activities Support Center, the participants of children took photos freely in summer holidays. And the summer photo event on Aug.30, their selected photos were exhibited in large prints. Also each did presentation of the work and received the comment.

Photo exhibition KIDS EYES of the world by Wonder Eyes Project
Aug.24 - 30, 2015@Saitama City Citizens Activities Support Center

Pick up photos taken by the children, from the Amazon to the refugee camp in the world, participating exhibition in Summer Event.
*print support by Canon Inc.

Exhibition @Festa do Brasil - Sep 2015
 Sep.11-13, 2015
@Festa do Brasil, Sunshine City Ikebukuro
World Import Mart, Exhibition Hall A

The Festa do Brasil @ Sunshine City Ikebukuro 2015 is big event of Brazilian Food & Drink, goods, music, with a variety of performance. Wonder Eyes project participated, near the entrance of the Hall, presenting the marvelous photos taken by the children of 12 communities of Rio de Janeiro. Also presented the photos of Brazil by the children of Amazon and the other area of Brazil.

Lots of visitors enjoyed the photos and inspired by the fresh eyes. Thank you for all, the nice comments

Which photo do you like? And the visitors said……

I like this, they look happy

impressive electric wires

ordinary scene of the life

I love it !


Mini video@exhibition at Festa do Brasil 2015

How I like the photos

Looking at the photos of the exhibition, the visitors gave the nice words. Thank you !

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