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WONDER EYES in Mozambique - photo workshop and related photo exhibition of Wonder Eyes Project in Mozambique 2014

Wonder Eyes Project have been doing the photo workshop with the children of the world, and in 2004, did the program in Mozambique. After 10 years since then in 2014 March, came to realize, back again, Wonder Eyes Photo workshop with the children in Mozambique, with the collaboration of JICA Mozambique office. Hikaru Nagatake, director of the project, having visited and done the workshop at Ilha de Mozambique, Nampula and Maputo (equipment supported by Canon Inc.). Participated a total of 98 children. For the most of them, it was the first time to handle the camera while enjoying the new experience of creativity.

“Let’s shoot !”

posing to a little photographer

“Take a look” showing off the monitor

“Let’s shoot !” a friend posing to a little photographer. “Take a look” showing off the monitor pictures to the village people. Everyone respond with smile. Photo prints are not usual and lots of participants made portraits for memory.

After the workshop, some selected photos taken by the children was presented at the joint exhibition “Olhos de Futuro (Eyes of future”), of the 10th anniversary celebrations of Mozambique JICA Office at Cultural Center of Portugal. At this opportunity, presented the photos together, the photos taken by the children of Mozambique of 10 years ago, of this time span.た。

“Wonder Eyes” in Ilha de Mozambique 

 "Wow, beautiful!" Blue sky and shallow clear blue sea at the Ilha de Moçambique (=Island of Mozambique), of northern part of the Country. This island is registered as World Heritage Site for their historic importance also.  School children of elementary school "25 de junho”participated in the photo workshop and took freely friends, family, school and town. Most of them handled the camera for the first time. Gazing monitor with a serious look, they enjoyed a new discovery.

“Wonder Eyes” in Nampula
Northern City Nampula is one of the three largest cities in Mozambique. Photo workshop was done at orphanage "Infantario Provincial de Nampula". All participants took photos for the first time with digital camera, a friend climbing palm tree, the people smiling. Small children had a photo experience using the disposable camera.

“Wonder Eyes” in Maputo 

In the Capital City, Maputo located in the south of Mozambique, done 2 photo workshop at 2 public school (elementary schools “Unidade 2”and junior high school “Acordos de Roma”). After the orientation, school children took freely in neighborhood schools and home using digital and disposable camera). A lot of friends, making pose to a small photographer, shared the joyful moment.

“WONDER EYES”  Photo Exhibition in Maputo 
After the photo workshop of 3 areas of Mozambique, some selected photos taken by the children was presented at the joint exhibition “Olhos de Futuro (Eyes of future”), of the 10th anniversary celebrations of JICA Mozambique Office, at Cultural Center of Portugal, from March 19-22 (with opening ceremony of March 18). At this opportunity, presented together the old photos of 10 years ago taken by the children of Mozambique of Wonder Eyes Project, of this time span. Lots of people appreciated the eyes of children.

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