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A creative, educational, and nonprofit photo project for children, based in Japan, started by the initiative of Hikaru Nagatake, photographer. The aims of the project are to give the children joy of creativity and communication, to help a widening of their visual scope, and to open up a sense of wonder while communing with the nature, or an inquiring mind of the culture and society. Also, their innocent eyes and perspectives will help the better understanding of the different cultures and the world and international cultural exchange in the next generation. Since 2000, having conducted workshops and exhibitions in Australia, Brazil, Cuba, East Timor, Iceland, Indonesia, Kenya (a refugee camp), Mozambique, Russia, Taiwan, Uzbekistan and Japan.

comments by the kids participants of the workshops

””I really enjoyed it!”  
“I discovered many things”
in Sumatra
“I found out my community is not so bad to live as people say” 
 at the slum area of Rio


from the photos by the children of the world